Be(coming) to Terms

3 channel Video, Suspended Cloth



Be(Coming) from Nate Mohler on Vimeo.

“Be[Coming] to Terms”
Date: March 7th, 2020
Medium: Projected Video on Fabric
Artists: Matea Friend, WIll Wharton, Nate Mohler, David Friend.
Sound Composition: Luke Mombrea

[Be]coming to Terms was an experiential installation that aimed to capture the grim terms and conditions we’ve created between ourselves and nature.

The projected imagery that illuminated the cloth revealed the connecting forces between all matter. Quantum systems, neural pathways, electrical firings, mycelial growth, lightning, rainfall and tree bark were woven together to create a visual understanding of how these systems build off of and create one another.
The floating mountain set in an industrial warehouse is a microcosm for the contract between human + Nature. The installation allowed a dynamic interaction to unfold as we came to terms with the chaos and one another.

We came up with the idea nearly a month before COVID-19 made american headlines, and I find it very ironic that LA went into lock down the very next day.

In this grim time of social isolation I find it fitting that now LA has some of the best air quality of major cities in America, people are biking and parents are with their kids. People are reflecting and working on personal work.

As Brenda Williams put it best:
Fast food replaced by home cooked meals,
hectic schedules replaced by naps. (kinda)
The air seems cleaner, the world quieter.
People are conscious about hygiene and health again.
Money doesn’t seem to make the world go round anymore.

Projected Video on Cloth