Noctis Lux

Code, Projection

UCLA Residential Life commissioned Nate Mohler to create a public Art installation to support mental health and suicide prevention during finals week at UCLA. In conjunction with the Student Committee of the Arts, Nate Mohler built an installation to illuminate the hill throughout the late nights of finals week with a projection installation that would bring life and light to the dorm walls.

The goal of the Noctis Lux project was to improve mental health during finals week through community and art. Pedestrians were invited to use Digital Spray Painting to paint their favorite quote or words of wisdom onto the 40 ft tall wall of Covel. Select pieces were recorded and saved to be used in phase two of Noctis Lux. During finals week, Nate Mohler crowd sourced encouraging quotes from the UCLA Community; the best quotes and art pieces were composited into an hour long loop and projected on multiple facades of the UCLA dorms. From dusk to dawn animations and encouraging quotes were projected around the hill. The collaborative art+words lit up the walls for students who were up late studying and working, offering encouragement and inspiration from their fellow Bruins.

Noctis Lux received more than 150 quotes from the UCLA Community and more than 3 hours worth of paintings.

Two projectors totaling more than 20 thousands Lumens were used to projection map the facade of Covel. Additional projectors from UCLA Res Life were used throughout finals week to illuminate the hill.

Thank you to Adam Knauer for helping create additional artwork to be projected on Covel.

Thank you to Jacob Fishman for driving up every night and helping set up.

Thank you to Ivy Hurwit and everyone from UCLA Residential Life for the support and seeing this project come to life.

A huge thank you to VT Pro Design for donating the projectors.

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