Rise and Fall

Title: Rise and Fall
Dimensions: 30” x 15”
Medium: Indigo-dyed cotton, fans, 84 LED displays:

Rise and Fall is a work about the embodiment of letting go and moving through – reminding us to be like water. Trapped bodies float through a body of water, equally contained within the fluid limits and unable to escape the loop, despite their attempts. Similarly, many of us experienced these feelings submerged in the chaos and hardships of 2020. At the end of the year, with all that had passed, we were eroded and changed. There is power in the embodiment of erosion and there is power in surrendering to the undulations of our earthly experiences. Bringing the human into the digital realm through indigo-dyed fabric, fans and 84 LED displays this piece illuminates the mesmerizing tranquility of releasing to those forces that are greater than us.


Media Artists: Nate Mohler and Matea Friend
Fabricators: David Friend and Matea Friend
Textile Artists: Kaitlin Bryson and David Friend
Sound Design: Kain Sannicks