Nate Mohler (b. 1997, Los Angeles, CA) is an emerging media artist, who works with digital technology as a paint brush to build avant-garde experiences. A 2019 UCLA graduate with a B.A. in Design | Media Arts, Mohler is intrigued with the fusion of conceptual art and technology to support social activism with unconventional space and sound. His work raises questions about art + technology through digital mediums such as projection mapping, immersive installations, sculpture and video art. 

Over the past couple years Mohler has worked under the mentorship of artists such as Casey Reas, Jennifer Steinkamp, Rebecca Mendez, and Refik Anadol. In 2019, Mohler completed his largest public art installation; Culver Current, which illuminates the courtyard of City Hall in Culver City with video art reflective of Culver City’s neighborhood. In 2021, Mohler produced multiple large scale gallery installations, “Be(coming) to Terms”, “Rise and Fall” and “The Eventual Unraveling of Everything“ which explored our relationship to nature and to each other.

Mohler is interested in the way digital tools such as code and machine intelligence allow for new explorations of imagination and the development of new aesthetics. Striving to fuse more human finesse and elements of nostalgia into highly digital based video work, Mohler often introduces personal memories in his work. Examples can be seen through, personal drawings or using his own street photographs as textures. Mohler explores the fusion of photo texture and film through AI tools such as neural style transfer to harness the machine’s ability to recognize patterns and hallucinate an ephemeral painterly world. By feeding the machine with images and forcing it to try and find patterns within video frames, Mohler blends the texture from photographs or wisps from ink paintings onto otherwise sharp and rigid video. 

Working to challenge the culture and definition of fine art, Mohler aims to further the digital art movement and help open the eyes of traditional collectors to digital mediums that are conceptual, engaging, and thought provoking. Nate is a sculptor, programmer, developer, artist, director, producer and curator, and his work bridges information technology with the fine art/media art community.