6ft — Apart

“6ft Apart” (~25min) — two monolithic sculptures encapsulating a reflection of anxiety and discomfort, hung in limbo and free to sway or fall. Spinning and dancing among themselves, alone but together.

6ft — Apart from Nate Mohler on Vimeo.

As videos of police brutality become so common and so frequent in America I wanted to capture the size and emotion of this civil rights movement in a different light. I altered found videos of police brutality incidents crowdsourced from people on Reddit and Twitter and re-framed the violent handheld videos through an installation that stirs discomfort and question.

Two boards are hung and tracked in space with HTC Vive Trackers to allow viewers to walk up and push or spin the boards.

This is a concept render, full documentation coming soon.

Videos of police brutality sourced from the online community and collected online via Greg Doucette and Reddit. See more on reddit at @r2020policebrutality

Sound design by Nate Mohler