The Curious Entanglement of All Things

Medium: Ice, Projectors, Video 16mins, 9 chapters
Artist: Nate Mohler
Sound Design: Luke Mombrea
Production Assistance: Ruben Jimenez, Jacob Fishman, Nikolai Garcia, Benny Sigoloff
Ice Stacking: Crystal Ice Company

A 16min installation featured at Luminex LA 2022 featuring Ice as a canvas for light + sound. Viewers were invited to examine the ice up close, touch it, lick it, and be lost in the mini frozen ice bubbles and particle stalagmites. A moment of curiosity and reflection.

The installation projected visuals of organic systems and patterns mimicking lightning and bioluminescent organisms. The projections refracted off the cracks and imperfections creating somewhat of a 3 dimensional looking glass and capturing completely new moments as the ice melted and the structure evolved. There were hidden easter eggs such as video of myself, miniature drones flying around and mirrors placed around the space.

“Entanglement” was an exercise of the senses with an emphasis on sight, sound, touch and time. There was a fragile temporal feeling amongst the ice, that it might shatter or melt at any moment. The melting ice created a massive pool of water which acted as a mirror for gazing. It was an attempt to use a combination of new technology and natural elements to change our perception of reality and pose a question for ourselves.

There were no rehearsals, no tests, no budget, but a fully volunteer team.

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