Chiaroscuro May of 2015

I was selected to be lead designer and editor of the 2015 edition of Windowpanes.

Windowpanes is an annual student-run, student-led, and student-produced publication reflecting the very best creative work in writing, art, photography, and musical talent at Loyola High School.
Just as Loyola High School is committed to the development of the whole person, so is Windowpanes committed to reflecting the whole Loyola person, a conscientious leader and agent of change who is intellectually distinguished, morally courageous, and compassionate in service to others.
Windowpanes accepts all literary, visually artistic, and musical pieces on a weekly basis from the entire Loyola community—students, faculty, and alumni. These contributors voluntarily meet each week during lunch breaks to read or view the artistic pieces with the editors, students, and co-moderators. Each writer, artist, or musician then receives a critique of his or her work with suggestions for improvements before any piece is accepted for possible publication into that year’s Windowpanes issue. The ultimate decision for selecting the best literary, artistic, and musical pieces for each year’s publication lies with the literary and art/layout editors, under the direction of the co-moderators of Windowpanes. Each entry is judged on technical merit, creativity, relevance to the student body, and adherence to each year’s Windowpanes theme.

“There is a fundamental error in separating the parts from the whole, the mistake of atomizing what should not be atomized. Unity and complementarity constitute reality.”-Werner Heisenberg